Interested to make an impact? Join our team today! We are looking for individuals with a heart of service and a strong desire to be there for individuals who are most in need.

Available jobs

The purpose of this role is to provide a listening ear and effective support to young people who need help so that they are not alone in their journey.

Areas of responsibility:

  • Attending to calls through voice / chats / text messages / email / any other electronic means.
  • Providing follow-up calls to callers.
  • Coordinating follow-up cases with counsellors / mentors.
  • Ensuring regular reviews of calls and participating in improvement
    of service for the helpline.
  • Ensuring professional and ethical standards are met according to Youthline’s.

The Graphic Designer is in charge of delivering all artwork for digital, social media and print assets. This includes creative ideation and conceptualisation, and development of design, animation and illustrations.

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